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Grass Seed

Choose from the following varieties

VarietyHayPastureSaline ToleranceFlood ToleranceDrought ToleranceKey Features

AAC Maximus Meadow Bromegrass

Spec Sheet

  • Taller than Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
  • More upgright growth habit than Fleet

Carlton Smooth Bromegrass

  • Widely adaptable
  • Sod forming
  • Moderate saline, moisture and drought tolerance

AC Knowles Hybrid Bromegrass

Spec Sheet

  • Smooth and meadow bromegrass hybrid
  • Yields like smooth brome with a longer growing season similar to meadow brome
  • Improved leaf expression compared to smooth brome

Early Arctic Orchardgrass

Spec Sheet

  • Exceptional orchardgrass that demonstrates above average winterhardiness
  • Excellent companion when blended with alfalfa
  • Moderate drought and flooding tolerance
  • Selected for high quality (leafy)

Elunaria Annual Ryegrass

Spec Sheet

  • Westerwold type
  • Suitable for hay, haylage or pasture
  • High yield opportunity
  • Very good quality with broad leaves

Nabucco Italian Ryegrass

Spec Sheet

  • Tetraploid variety that delivers improved quality over annual ryegrass
  • Quick regrowth
  • Wider and more succulent leaves than diploid annual ryegrass
  • Excellent palatability/digestibility

Fabio Italian Ryegrass

  • Tetraploid variety
  • Very high yield, especially first cut

Luscious Perennial Ryegrass

  • Tetraploid variety
  • High sugar and protein
  • Establishes quickly and has good persistence
  • Use for pasture, hay or over-seeding

Toronto Perennial Ryegrass

  • For short term pasture with excellent yield and digestibility
  • Very high levels of sugar

NEW Satin Soft Leaf Tall Fescue

  • Satin provides excellent forage quality combined with a strong disease package
  • Less competitive in a stand with other legumes
  • Very adaptable to high moisture stress and early signs of salinity

Preval Meadow Fescue

  • Tolerates wet soils
  • Withstands close grazing, excellent for rotational grazing
  • Use in hay and pasture blends

Courtney Tall Fescue

Spec Sheet

  • Good flood and saline tolerance
  • Large basal leaves, high quality
  • Exceptional yield potential

Boreal Creeping Red Fescue

  • Great performance in pastures under high moisture conditions
  • Tolerates close grazing
  • Good quality in fall to freeze up

Express Timothy

Spec Sheet

  • Excellent winter survivability
  • Medium maturity
  • Very good regrowth
  • Great leafy variety for domestic hay production

Novio Timothy

  • Export quality with medium maturity
  • Large soft leaves
  • Extremely winterhardy

Kirk Crested Wheatgrass

  • Fibrous root system provides good drought tolerance and winterhardiness
  • Excellent early spring pasture grass
  • Great fit for high traffic areas

Spring Green Festulolium

  • Meadow Fescue x Perennial Ryegrass cross
  • Improved tolerance to dry conditions and cold stress due to its deep root system
  • Very good winter hardiness for a festulolium

 Grass Species Adaptation

SpeciesUseLongevityWinter HardinessSeeds/Lb.Growing PeriodPlant Type

Altai Wild Ryegrass

Pasture Long Excellent 60,000 Early Spring/Mid-Summer Bunch Grass

Annual (Italian Ryegrass)

Hay & Pasture Short Annual 1 Year Poor 230,000 Spring/Fall Bunch Grass

Creeping Foxtail

Pasture Long Good 750,000 Early Spring/Fall Sod Forming

Creeping Red Fescue

Pasture & Lawn Long Excellent 615,000 Spring/Fall Sod Forming

Crested Wheatgrass

Pasture & Hay Long Excellent 175,000 Early Spring Bunch Grass

Dahurian Wild Ryegrass

Pasture Short Good 80,000 Spring/Fall Shallow Rooted Bunch Grass

Intermediate Wheatgrass

Hay & Pasture Medium Good 88,000 Late Spring/Mid-Summer Sod Forming

Kentucky Bluegrass

Pasture & Lawn Long Excellent 2,180,000 Spring/Fall Sod Forming

Meadow Bromegrass

Hay & Pasture Long Good 80,000 Early Spring/Late Summer Bunch Grass

Meadow Fescue

Pasture Short-Medium Good 230,000 Early Spring/Late Fall Bunch Grass

Meadow Foxtail

Pasture Long Good 575,000 Early Spring/Fall Bunch Grass

Orchard Grass

Hay & Pasture Short Fair 650,000 Spring/Fall Bunch Grass

Perennial Ryegrass

Hay & Pasture Short 2-3 Years Poor 330,000 Spring/Fall Bunch Grass

Pubescent Wheatgrass

Hay & Pasture Medium Good 100,000 Early Spring/Mid-Summer Sod Forming

Russian Wild Ryegrass

Pasture Long Excellent 175,000 Early Spring/Mid-Summer Bunch Grass

Smooth Bromegrass

Hay & Pasture Long Excellent 136,000 Mid-Spring/Mid-Summer Sod Forming

Tall Fescue

Pasture Medium Good 225,000 Late Spring/Fall Bunch Grass

Tall Wheatgrass

Hay & Pasture Long Excellent 79,000 Late Spring/Mid-Summer Bunch Grass


Hay & Pasture Medium Good 1,230,000 Spring/Summer Bunch Grass