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Legume Seed

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AAC Mountainview Sainfoin

This sainfoin variety was developed by Surya Acharya, Agriculture Canada, providing improved winter hardiness and rapid re-growth.

Spec Sheet

Legume Species Adaption

SpeciesUseLongevityWinter HardinessSeeds/Lb.Growing PeriodPlant Type


Hay & Pasture Long Good 200,000 Spring-Fall Tap, Branch, Creeping, Rooted

Alsike Clover

Hay & Pasture Short Fair 700,000 Spring-Fall Branched

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Pasture Short Good 375,000 Spring-Fall Tap Rooted with Branches

Cicer Milkvetch

Pasture Long Good 130,000 Late Spring-Fall Creeping Rooted

Red Clover

Hay & Pasture Short Poor 275,000 Spring Tap Rooted with Side Branch


Pasture Long Fair 18,000 (Unhulled) Spring-Summer Tap Rooted

Sweet Clover

Hay & Silage 2 Years Fair 260,000 Spring of 2nd Year Tap Rooted

White Clover

Pasture Short to Long Good 800,000 Spring-Fall Rhizomatous