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Choose from the following varieties

VarietyFall DormancyWinter HardinessRoot TypeKey Features

Revolution MD

Maximum Digestibility

spec sheet

3.7 1.7 Tap
Exceptional forage quality
  • High RFQ (Relative Forage Quality) rating and rate of digestion
  • Large leaf area with an increased leaf to stem ratio
  • Outstanding disease and pest resistance package
  • Excellent winter hardiness combined with high yield potential


Rapid Growth

spec sheet

4 2 Tap
The latest advancement in StandFast technology
  • Selected for high forage DM and NDF levels
  • High multifoliate expression and fast recovery
  • Well suited for silage production and dairy producers


High Yield, Low Dormancy

spec sheet

2 1.5 Tap
High performance synthetic variety
  • Multifoliate with high leaf stem ratio
  • High forage dry matter yield and RFV
  • Vigorous roots
  • Dense crowns

Rugged ST

Salt Tolerant

3 2 Tap
A very hardy variety
  • Large, broad, deep-set crowns
  • Tolerance to increased salt levels


Creeping Root

Spec Sheet

2 1.6 Creeping
Selected for high forage yield with excellent winter hardiness and persistence
  • Later maturity to flower which adds value to a grass blend
  • Deep set crown with wheel traffic tolerance
  • Excellent disease resistance package
  • Multipurpose variety for forage hay or pasture

Response WT

Wet Tolerant

Spec Sheet

4 2 Branching
Performs well on medium to heavy soils. A high yielding variety that should be considered in areas of high water table
  • Excellent forage quality
  • High yielding branch rooted variety
  • Adjusts its root growth based on level of moisture stress

AAC Meadowview

Acid Tolerant

Spec Sheet

2 Not Rated Branching, Tap
Acid tolerant variety ideally suited for the foothills of AB and Peace region of AB and BC
  • Deep set crowns
  • Erect spring growth habit
  • Rapid regrowth after cutting


Grazing Tolerant

4 2 Fibrous
A flexible variety that is bred for high hay yields as well as grazing tolerance
  • Aggressive fibrous root system
  • Sunken crown stands up to grazing pressure and high traffic from equipment
  • Tolerant to defoliation by the Alfalfa Weevil

Alfalfa Blend 10-5

Adapted to Variable Conditions

Spec Sheet

Mix of 2-4 Mix of 1.5-2 Creeping, Tap, Branch, Fibrous
Premium certified blend of five varieties with unique traits that enhance plant population across variable field conditions
  • Now contains Robust and Sidewinder alfalfas, as well as Response, Rugged, and Haygrazer alfalfa

Ranchers Choice Brand

Common #1 Blend

N/A N/A Combined Creeping and Tap
Consistent performing alfalfa blend
  • Blend of multifoliate, tri-foliate and creeping root varieties that are consistent performers



Our STRATUM™ alfalfa coating process provides layers of protection separating the inoculant from the seed treatment.

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