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Leafcutter Bees

Sampled and analyzed on the farm

Northstar Seed provides high-quality leafcutter bees from alfalfa fields in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to markets around the world. We have been involved in the marketing, research and development of these crop pollinators for over 30 years in various climatic and geographic areas.

We ensure quality through standardized sampling, analysis, and reporting. Building long-term relationships with our grower-suppliers and our customers is a major focus of Northstar Seed. Our ongoing efforts produce one of Canada's most reliable sources of high-quality leafcutter bees.

Leafcutter Bees

From small amounts to truck load quantities, leafcutter bee larvae are packaged and shipped as loose cells in poly blocks or pre-hatched in incubation trays.

Good pollination doesn't cost; it pays

Northstar Seed also provides a reliable local market for Canadian leafcutter bees. As our customers and requirements grow, we must also source more consistent volumes to supply our diverse customer base. Leafcutter bee larvae are continuously sampled and analyzed on the farm, with full payment settled before shipping.