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About Northstar Seed

Northstar Seed is a Canadian seed company that serves markets at home and around the world. We specialize in the production, marketing and distribution of forage, turfcover croPS and native grass seeds, as well as leafcutter bees and equipment. Founded in 1982 by a forward-thinking group of alfalfa seed producers, Northstar Seed is known for quality, outstanding service, and innovative solutions.

Grow with us

Whether serving our retail locations in Western Canada or shipping contract production seed overseas, Northstar invites you to grow with us.

Strategically located in Western Canada, we are within major seed production areas for legumes, forage, and turf grass seeds. A major rail, truck, and container freight center is situated nearby in Winnipeg.


Our core values

  • Integrity — Strive always to do the right thing.
  • Relationships — Work with the best people, and be the best partner with which to work.
  • Quality — Take pride in what we deliver so we can provide quality products and service.
  • Respect — With our differences, drive more thoughtful decisions, increased innovation, stronger performance, and an inclusive culture.
  • Commitment — Deliver on promises, inside and outside our organization.
  • Growth — Build a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that constantly inspires personal and professional development.